Visualizaciones personalizadas otras 22 características en la actualización de Power BI


Report Authoring:

  1. Custom Visualizations
  2. Insert Visual from the Ribbon
  3. Improved Default Sorting
  4. Tooltips & Data Labels on Funnel Charts
  5. Slicer Improvements:
    1. Ability to Sort items.
    2. Ability to change Font Size.
  6. Additional Formatting Options for Gauges.
  7. Data Point Label layout improvements
  8. KPI Consumption (Preview Feature)

Data Modeling:

  1. Semi-Select support for DAX formulas in Data view

Data Connectivity:

  1. Azure Document DB connector
  2. Mailchimp connector
  3. DirectQuery for SQL Server and Azure SQL Database (Preview Feature)

Data Transformations:

  1. Filter by “not earliest/latest date”
  2. Filter by “is in previous N minutes/hours/seconds”
  3. Copy/Paste Queries between Power BI Desktop and Excel
  4. Support for Special Characters in Split Column
  5. Refresh Previews in Merge Queries dialog
  6. Monospaced font for Query Editor Preview

Other Improvements:

  1. Refresh Single Table (vs. All) from Report & Data Views
  2. Option to enable Preview features
  3. In-Product Ratings experience
Fuente: Microsoft Blog Power BI